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How To Get Bigger Arms

How to Get Bigger Arms – A Buffed Guide

The favorite day of the boys in the gym – arms day!Well-built arms have been the symbol of masculinity since the dawn of the glorious sport of body building. Big arms will get you the respect among boys and attractiveness among girls. Every gym beginner pictures himself the moment he steps in the house of […]

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Make a Outside Pull Up Bar in Your Own Backyard

My father is a fitness buff who always found time to exercise no matter how busy or tired he was with his job during the daytime. I remember sitting on a makeshift wooden bench as a child while he would use his skipping rope at dizzying speeds, lift weights, and whatever else was on his […]

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How To Do A Bar Muscle Up 1

How To Do A Bar Muscle Up – The PT’s Quick Guide

Muscle-ups are a powerful display of upper body strength that most athletes and CrossFit trainees aspire to master. This dramatic combination of a pull-up and a dip works all of the upper body muscle groups, namely the chest, abs, back, and arms. Variations for this exercise also exist, depending on the mastery of the movement […]

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How To Measure Biceps 1

How To Measure Biceps – The Most Accurate Way

If you are a guy who lifts and has been doing so for a while, you will probably agree that one of the reasons you started lifting in the first place is to get big arms – or more precisely, biceps. Yes, this sounds very superficial, but to a testosterone-ridden young man who wants to […]

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How To Do Dips At Home#Bench

How to Master Dips in The Comfort of Your Home

Have you ever seen the rippling pectorals on a statue of a Greek god or hero and wondered how the ancients managed to achieve such bodily perfection? Was it simply divine genetics or years of physical training?What if we told you that the secret to a chest worthy of a Greek god can be accomplished […]

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How To Get Vascular Arms 1

How To Get Vascular Arms – The Proven Method

You’ve probably seen a bodybuilder, NFL player or any other athlete who has a lot of muscle mass and noticed that the veins on their arms are popping out. Vascular arms look powerful and attractive and, naturally, many people are interested in achieving this aesthetic. Now, the question arises – how do you get vascular […]

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What muscles do battle ropes work 8

What Muscles Do Battle Ropes Work?

In recent years, battle ropes have become a quite popular workout tool in the fitness community, and for a good reason. Due to the increase in popularity of ‘functional’ workout programs, people have been investigating other methods, equipment and exercises to produce a body that not only looks good but can perform great as well. These […]

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