Level Up Your Training! Five Best Balance Boards At The Market

Today, we are aware that modern age is pulling out from us the very best things that we are. If we strive to become better in every aspect of our lives, we soon realize that our mental and physical strength must endure our daily needs. Therefore, the first association that can come to mind is the gym.

If you are a gym person, you are always seeking for perfection, and if that is the case – a balance board is a must try / must have. That’s why we made a thorough research on them, and picked five of the best models available for the market for you. Below you’ll see our balance boards reviews and comparison, and a clear winner of the roundup.

Review of The Five Best Balance Boards Available on The Market

1. Revolution 101 Balance Board Trainer

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Revolution 101 Balance Board is one of the most recommended and loved boards available at the market. This balance board is virtually indestructible. Revolution 101 is made out of firm 11-ply hardwood, being at the same time extremely lightweight and versatile. But, this is rocker balance board, and its base is a plastic roller, designed to endure and distribute almost everything you need. In other words, you wouldn't be able to perform 360-degree tilt with this board.

Don't let this discourage you; both the board and roller are constructed out of the finest materials, and one of the results is that you will hardly hear any sound, or feel any vibration while using it. Also, the surface below the board comes with "stoppers," so the roller remains fixed, making you feel perfectly safe.

One of the main reasons why the Revolution 101 has such high recommendations is because it is so approachable for everyone. Junior or senior, you can use this board no matter at what age you are, or, even better – where you are.

Finally, Revolution 101 is 100% made in the USA, and it is mid-priced at the market.

What we like
  • Construction is strong, with clean finish
  • Ratio of price and quality is excellent
  • "Stoppers" are making this board perfectly safe
What we don't like
  • Can't perform 360-degree tilt angle, but don't forget – this is a rocker balance board

2. ProFitness Wooden Balance Board

This board represents the gathering of quality, versatility, use, and price. At the very first moment of the unpacking, it will become evident that a top-quality product is in front you. ProFitness Balance Board is very lightweight board, with a total weight of 3 pounds, making it very easy for you to transport it.

On the other side, with its light weight comes the first class quality of the wooden board. The board surface consists of the most high-quality plywood, and a non-slip board pad will get you feel secure while using it.

ProFitness Balance Board provides a wide range of usage, spreading its use to both the older or the young ones. Do you want to improve stability, strengthen your muscles or you are on some medical therapy - this board can and will help you with your needs. You will actually be surprised by the possibilities of this board.

ProFitness Balance Board comes to you with the online access to many workout ideas and programs, and if you are having even more questions about it – don't be shy, call the company, because they are more than glad to help you.

What we like
  • It has outstanding quality with multitude of use possibilities
  • Very light and portable, used and loved by seniors and juniors
What we don't like
  • The texture of the surface is hard for some users

3. Isokinetics Adjustable Balance Board

All balance boards have the same concept, and this makes no difference. What differs this balance board from the others is the fact that it is made out of plastic - strong, durable and resistant polyethylene plastic to be exact. Take notice, this type of plastic has proved itself for being very long-lasting. In other words, it can bear the weight of 300 lbs.

The surface of the board is textured, so it provides steady and secure grip. But be aware, some users have reported that it can be slippery, so the using of training shoes is needed. Also, you may notice the four little holes on the edge of the board. These holes are there because this board can give you the ability to train with resistance bands so that you can work on your arms and balance at the same time. Practical use, right?

Isokinetics Balance Board is an adjustable one which means that you have the ability to workout at 10 or 15 degrees. Without the blue ball attached below, you will exercise at 10 degrees, and with the blue ball attached at 15 degrees – simple!

What we like
  • Durable, high-quality constructed
  • Two levels of training
  • Can fit resistance bands
  • VERY budget friendly
What we don't like
  • Surface of the pad can be slippery
  • Some users have found four holes to be uncomfortable during training

4. Indo Balance Board Original with Roller

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In one word – bestseller!

The simplicity of the Indo Board design is astonishing, and the quality follows the concept. The board dimensions are 30" x 18", and the board consists of high-grade Baltic birch wood. This fact makes Indo Boards so well-known and respected.

When it appeared on the market, Indo Board gained the approval from the people related to board sports. Its oval-shaped design of the board attracted skateboard, surfboard, and snowboard admirers. But, in time, the use of Indo Board has spread from sports to daily training exercises.

While being employed by the many famous and professional trainers, athletes or therapists, this is something that contributed to its popularity – and for a good reason! This board has found its use in fitness, physical recovery of injured people, rehabilitation - and the list goes on. Some number of experienced surfers are considering the Indo Balance Board to be the very first board they have used. Nice!

When you acquire your Indo Board, it will come with 2-hour DVD which will help you to get the maximum from it. Also, Indo Board arrives in a variety of colors and design which makes this board even more attractive.

What we like
  • Superior quality and design
  • You can use it on carpet or laminate floor
  • Large deck surface
What we don't like
  • It is very high priced product
  • Not recommended for persons above 275 lbs

5. Thera-Band Rocker Board

As it is said, rocker boards have their efficient appliance at the very early stages of medical treatment or recovery from surgery procedure – such as recovery from injuries which are related to surgical intervention, or health problems related to ankle or knee trauma. Also, Thera-band Rocker Board has found its usage at the beginning of the physical workout or training.

The surface of this rocker board is well textured, so the board pad provides good grip while standing on it in order to improve balance training, or proprioceptive workout of the upper or lower extremities. In other words – Thera-Band's Rocker Board is perfect for balance and stability training.

Another right side of the board is that is made out of black molded plastic which means that it is very light-weight. Also, in addition to this, there is a broad range of other Thera-Band products together with the Rocker Board, in order to enhance overall kinetic, core, knee and ankle training.

The surface of the Thera-Band Rocker Board is designed to be tactile on the top, and the bottom has a non-skid surface. Dimensions of the board are 13 1/8", and it provides the 30-degree angle of deflection. Also, some users have reported that Thera-band Rocker Board can withstand a weight of 300 lbs.

What we like
  • Affordable and lightweight balance board
  • Excellent tool for physical therapy
What we don't like
  • Some users find this board very easy to master
  • Can't provide you with 360-degree balance training

Some Basic Info You Need to Know


Why balance board, you may wonder? Well, as it is used and approved by the many, balance board has the reputation of being very efficient and accessible way to upgrade your balance, strength, coordination, and stability. Also, the balance board has found its use as a medical tool recommended for physical therapy after being exposed to some injury, or surgical recovery.

If you start to take an interest in this fantastic tool, you will discover that it comes in a variety of size, materials used for construction, and of course – its practical use. But, mainly there are few important things that we must consider about balance boards:

  • Tilt angle
  • Base, or "dome" size
  • Material
  • Size of the board

If you step onto the balance board, and tip it forward, backward, or on any side – when the board comes in contact with the ground, you have reached its tilt angle. You must be aware – the bigger tilt angle, the harder the balance board to use. Don't be discouraged; it doesn't need to be complicated or hard because that depends primarily on the overall size of the board itself. You will be able to tilt the balance board for 360-degrees because it is dome-based.

Next stop that we make is related to what it is beneath the balance board. The area that interacts with the ground is beneath the main surface of the board is usually called "the dome." The dimension of the "dome" is significant because it will determine how will be "hard" to use the balance board. In other words, if the size of the "dome" is bigger – easier it will be to use the board. And, if the "dome" is smaller, you will have to put some additional effort when trying to balance it. Simple as it sounds.

When it comes to materials which are used to build a balance board, there are two options – they are either made out of wood or made out of plastic. And yes, wooden or plastic, the balance board will have advantages and disadvantages.

Why Choose a Wooden Balance Board?


Yes, wooden balance boards are priced more over the plastic ones, but that is only one side of the story. If the balance board is wood constructed, it means that is more sturdy built, and if you care about it properly, it will last you for a lifetime.

Secondly, because it has a larger surface, which is between 15 – 19 inches, it can endure heavier users, and that is one of the reasons why it used for physical therapy at hospitals or community health centers. Also, they are very easy to clean. The surface of the board has PVC or cork finish. Finally, it is essential to know that wooden balance boards are meant to be used by more experienced users.

On the other side, you may find that these balance boards have flaws. These "flaws" are related to the price and the weight which can be up to 8 pounds.

Why Choose a Plastic Balance Board?


Although being cheaper, balance boards made out of plastic also have some good and bad sides. Plastic, or – PVC, is naturally much lighter than wood, so the weight of the plastic wobble boards moves up to 33 pounds making them lightweight. In connection to that, manufacturers of the plastic balance boards are designing them to have the larger surface of the board, but the size is moving from 12 to 15 inches.

While being lightweight, low-priced, and not firm as the wooden ones – you can't expect from plastic balance board to withstand heavier users. So, these balance boards are intended for children or lighter users who are starting to workout, or physical therapy patients.

Rocker Board, What is That?


The material used for rocker boards is wood, and so, naturally, they are durable. But, with rocker board you will have limited moving to front-to-back, or side-to-side, depending on how you stand on it. For what can you use it, since it does not have 360-degree coverage? Well, for example, if you had knee surgery, or you have arthritis-related health problems, this board can help you.

At this moment, we have reviewed all the necessary information that you need to have before stepping on to balance board.

Now, we will see what market has to offer to us.


We have seen the best balance board products that market has to offer to us. The info provided can help you to know what to look for when deciding to get this training tool, and the five products that we have selected can be your choice as well. But, it is time to pronounce the winner. We have picked the ProFitness Wooden Balance Board, because it has all attributes of the excellent balance board, and it comes with reasonable price. No matter if you are beginner or expert – this board will be there for you. Other effective training tools for your exercise should be ankle weights, bumper plates, etc.

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