The Best Deadlift Shoes For A Better Weightlifting Experience

When it comes to big, compound lifts like the deadlift, everyone should know that good form and proper execution are of paramount importance. This exercise yields significant benefits for the lifter if done well, but can also be pretty dangerous if performed with a lack of knowledge or suitable equipment. You might not have known, but shoes play a big part in being able to do deadlifts correctly, and we put together this article to help you find a pair that suits you.

Best Deadlift Shoes

Now that you've gotten to know more about the importance of proper footwear let's take a look at a few models popular in today's fitness communities. Some of the products listed below are more suitable or less suitable for deadlifts, but the ultimate choice will depend on what works for you and what feels good on your skin.

1. Adidas Performance Men’s Powerlift.2

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This model is a classic style weightlifting shoe with a raised heel for mobility advantages. Generally, it is not what we would first recommend for doing deadlifts, but some folks find this kind of shoes useful for this purpose and that is why we included them in our list. The body of the shoe is made of mesh/synthetic material, and it is quite effective in keeping one's feet cool since it provides good air circulation.

This model is made a bit wider for increased comfort, and the lateral strap is there to help you tighten the shoe up properly. Even though the heel is raised, it is not as high as some other Oly lifting shoes in the market, so the elevation might not cause a big problem for those who want to deadlift in them. The high-density midsole wedge helps to increase stability which is of utmost importance when performing this movement.

What we liked
  • Comfortable and durable product
  • Midsole wedge promotes stability
  • Synthetic/mesh keeps the feet nice and cool
  • The construction of the shoes promotes good posture
What we didn’t like
  • Some people might not prefer an elevated heel for deadlifts
  • Lateral strap is located too far up

2. Reebok Men’s Crossfit Lifter 2.0

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Another weightlifting shoe made our list, and this one is brought to us by Reebok. It is a standard ¾ inch heel, synthetic sole that makes Olympic lifts easier, and again, it is good for people who like a little bit of heel elevation when doing deadlifts. A cool feature of this model is the hook and look strap lock which helps to increase stability, and it delivers a quick response.

The heel is not very flexible, which is a good thing since compression is an undesirable thing when it comes to deadlifting. Since this is mainly a Crossfit shoe, it is meant to be slightly multifunctional, so the front part of the sole is soft allowing for easy toe and front foot movement. However, running in them is not advisable since they are too stiff for that.

What we liked
  • Very comfortable to wear for long workouts
  • Good for Olympic lifts because of hard elevated heel
  • Good arch support
  • They promote upright posture
  • Lateral strap located in the middle of the foot
What we didn’t like
  • They might be too narrow for some feet
  • The lateral strap is made of plastic
  • Elevated heel might not be ideal for everyone

3. Adidas Performance Men’s Powerlift.3

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This one is a weightlifting/cross training model from Adidas and has a 0.6 inches elevated heel (a bit shorter than most Oly lifting shoes) along with a flexible forefoot. Are they ideal for deadlifts? The answer is yes, for some people, and no for others. Some athletes claim that they activate their hamstrings better with a higher heel placement so this type of shoe might be good for them.

When it comes to the material, the tongue, collar, and lining are made from mesh which enables good breathability and keeps the feet cool. The outsole is rubber, and generally, this means good traction which is a positive thing in weightlifting because we want to avoid slipping at all cost. For more safety, use weightlifting belts when necessary. A midsole wedge is there to help with stability and to keep a good arch.

What we liked
  • Excellent price for its quality
  • A bit lower heel might be better for deadlifts
  • Mesh provides good breathability
  • Comfortable for long workouts
  • It has a lateral strap
What we didn’t like
  • Not ideal for people with narrow feet
  • Lateral strap is placed too high up
  • The sizes are different compared to running shoes from the same company

4. Otomix Power Trainer

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The Otomix Power Trainer Men’s Bodybuilding shoe is a different kind of model compared to the products previously listed in our article. This is a high-top flat sole shoe made for bodybuilders or martial artists (you might have seen boxers wearing this kind of shoes). The main advantage of this model is the ankle protection because of the stability that the high top provides.

The flat sole also helps to keep the bottom of the feet connected to the ground, and the rubber outsole creates good traction which is important for weightlifting. They are made from leather which is a bit unusual for this type of footwear. Nevertheless, their material enables them to be lightweight and flexible, which allows for a lot of comfort. As for the color, this model is available in black or white.

What we liked
  • Good ankle protection
  • Great arch support and stability
  • Flat sole is desirable for deadlifts
  • Comfotable to wear for a long time
  • Very versatile, can be used for different kinds of training
What we didn’t like
  • A bit more expensive than the other models listed here
  • The design is not very attractive
  • A thick padding around the ankle might restrict some movement

5. Nordic Lifting Megin

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The Megin is promoted as a powerlifting shoe by its maker Nordic Lifting, and it is made for folks who lift heavy weights, often. The heel has an elevation of 1.4" which is among the higher ones in the world of weightlifting shoes. This might be a good thing for people with restricted ankle mobility since it can help them stand more upright during big lifts. This model provides good foot stability, and their special anti-slip outsole is something that lifters generally look for.

The lateral strap is there to secure the foot inside the shoe and prevent any unnecessary movement. An interesting fact is that the soles are made of wood, and this is desirable when it comes to deadlifts because there will be no compression. This product comes in light blue color and is delivered in a stylish and hard box, which is a nice touch.

What we liked
  • Wood sole doesn’t allow for any compression
  • They promote stability
  • Good arch support
  • Good quality and long lasting
What we didn’t like
  • A bit pricier than other shoes of this category
  • Sturdy sole
  • Pretty high heel elevation might not be ideal for everyone

Benefits of Deadlifts

Best Deadlift Shoes 10

Anyone who ever set foot in a gym has certainly heard about this exercise and all of its glory, and might have wondered, why is it so popular? Well, first of all, lifting something off the ground is a quintessential, primal human movement and being able to do this is a fundamental aspect of our physicality. As we have mentioned before, deadlifts are a compound exercise meaning that they activate more different muscle groups and require the movement of more joints in our body.

This is a good thing because it makes the whole body work like a unit which in return stimulates the central nervous system in such a way that it will further promote muscle growth. The main muscle groups that get worked here are the glutes and hamstrings, along with the entire core, back, and arms. All in all, if you want to build a strong, functional body, deadlifts should be at the top of your list of must-do exercises.

Why Do You Need Deadlift Shoes?

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When it comes to answering this question try to think of it this way - any physical activity that one performs requires a certain type of movement and puts a different kind of strain on the body, so a certain kind of equipment optimal for this activity is very important.

For example, if you go running you will wear running shoes, if you do Olympic lifts you will wear Olympic lifting shoes, and so on. So yes, footwear does matter when deadlifting too. As you might have known, this is a very technical lift, and it leaves little to no room for error, so one would naturally want to prepare him or herself properly (wear appropriate shoes) before executing this movement.

What Things to Look for When Buying Beadlift Shoes?

Best Deadlift Shoes 9

Now that you’ve gotten acquainted with the necessity of good shoes for deadlifts let's take a look at what kind of features you should consider when purchasing a pair for yourself.

  • Flat soles: this should be the first and most important condition that good deadlift shoe needs to fulfill. Elevated heel might be good for squats or Oly lifts, but with this exercise we want our whole sole to have a stable connection with the floor.
  • Thin soles: the thickness of the soles is important for two reasons. Firstly, it promotes stability, since the higher our foot is from the ground, the less stable are we going to be (e.g. high heels, platform shoes). Secondly, thick soles, especially if made from rubber or other softer material, will compress and makes us lose some power while doing the lift.
  • Good outsole material: by good, we mean that it needs to provide you with some traction in order for your feet not to slip and cause some potential injuries. Also, a special pattern of the sole will help with this particular matter.
  • Good arch support: the insole must provide the lifter with proper arch support for increased stability and power.
  • Lateral strap: for additional security and to prevent unnecessary movement of the feet inside the shoes. You can see that many weight training shoes have this feature and it is not for nothing.

Barefoot Deadlifting

Best Deadlift Shoes 3

You might have seen somewhere on the internet (or in the gym), that some folks opt for deadlifting barefoot. The argument for this is that no shoe and no sole creates no compression, and increases one’s stability when doing this movement. Although this is true, there are some downsides, and this is why we wouldn't recommend barefoot lifting for beginners. If the surface that you workout out on is smooth, sweat that drips down might make it slippery and bare feet tend to slip easily. Another hazard is the possibility of dropping the weight plate on your foot and injuring it.

What Kind of Shoes to Avoid


Trainers are any athlete’s favorite footwear and can usually be used for various types of workouts and movements, but the problem with these kinds of shoes is the soft, cushioned structure which is not optimal for weightlifting. As mentioned before, their compressible sole will absorb some force during the lift and thus impair your performance. Stability is also compromised making you susceptible to ankle or knee injuries. So no matter how in love you are with your pair of trainers, ditch them at least when you do serious, compound exercises like squats and deadlifts.

So as always, we have come to the end of our list, and it is time to choose the winner. Because today we dealt with deadlifting shoes, the choice was not very hard to make, and the 1st place goes to Otomix Power Trainer. Even though they are a bit pricier than other products, the flat sole is a bonus when performing an exercise such as deadlifts.

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Their comfort and light weight are additional benefits for anyone who spends a long time in the gym, and their versatility makes them usable for purposes other than lifting weights. Also, the foot stability they provide was unmatched by any other shoe we reviewed today.

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