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Best ProFrom Elliptical Trainers For Home Workouts

ProForm is one of the most famous manufacturers of ellipticals, treadmills, and various other fitness gadgets. The company was founded back in the 1980’s and is now owned by ICON Health and Fitness, a giant in the industry. This company’s products offer a wide range of accessories and additions to keep you motivated and on track with your workouts. If exercising in your home is what you are into, then ProForm’s elliptical might be a good choice. Today I will present you with reviews of the best models that this company has to offer. Read, research, and embark on your fitness journey.

Top Picks of ProForm Elliptical Trainers

1. ProForm PRO 16.9 NE – The Top Choice

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This is one of the top elliptical trainers on the market today. It is suitable for any fitness enthusiast regardless of height, strength level or age.

The maximum stride length of this model is 20” which is around average in this category of products. This length should be good for most people except for very tall individuals.

When it comes to resistance levels, there are 26 of them to choose from. Because of the massive, 32-pound flywheel, the ride is very smooth, and the transitions are easy and simple thanks to the electronic controls.

The dimensions of ProForm PRO 16.9 NE are 80.3 x 25.7 x 64.4 inches which puts it among the larger ellipticals of this manufacturer. This might not be great for folks who live in small, cramped-up places.

For upper body movements there are handles with comfortable grips and several different positions, but if you choose not to use them, there is also a pair of static bars to hold on to.

A 10 inch, full-color, HD touch screen will display all the necessary information such as speed, time, resistance level, and calories spent. Also, the iFit Coach application is included in the package offering a bunch of workout videos, virtual routes and more.

Water bottle holder, tablet holder, fan, and transportation wheels are practical features too.

As far as warranty is concerned, the frame has a lifetime insurance, parts go for six years, and labor applies to three years, which is an excellent deal and shows the company’s trust in this model.

  • Heavy flywheel (32 pounds)
  • 10” HD full-color touchscreen display
  • iFit Coach application
  • Many practical accessories
  • 26 resistance levels
  • Good warranty
  • Stride length not good for tall people
  • Very high price
2. ProForm 12.0 NE – The Alternative Pick

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The ProForm 12.0 is a runner up product for today, and it is another high-end, elite elliptical.Like the before mentioned model, this one also has a 20” stride, which again, isn’t great for tall folks. Its oversized pedals are good because you can move your feet around and find a suitable position while working out.

The 32-pound flywheel has an electromagnetic system which is silent and creates smooth transitions between 26 available resistance levels.

As far as the dimensions go, this product is 80.3 x 25.7 x 64.4 inches big, and it falls into the category of larger elliptical machines.

Multi-position grips on handles are a great addition to the comfort of use, and besides this, there are static handles as well. The EKG grip feature allows for constant monitoring of your heart rate which you will be able to see on display.

The 7" full-color touch screen shows all the usual stats like speed, time, etc. and also the iFit Coach app is available for additional purposes.

The ProForm 12.0 NE contains all the usual accessories like water bottle holder, fan, and others.

Similar to the previous product, there is a lifetime warranty on the frame, a 6-year warranty on the parts and a 3-year warranty on labor.

  • Heavy flywheel (32 pounds)
  • 7" full-color display
  • iFit Coach application
  • Good warranty
  • It has many accessories
  • 20” stride not great for tall people
  • Some users have complained about customer service
3. ProForm Endurance 920 E - The Budget-friendly Pick

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This trainer offers a good value for a price that is significantly lower than some of the other top 5 products in my review.

The adjustable stride ranges from 18" to 22", and this is a great benefit. More people can use this machine and set the stride to their preference and comfort.

ProFrom Endurance 920 E has a flywheel which weighs 25 pounds, and it is lighter than that of the first three trainers on this list. This might be one of the main drawbacks of this model because heavier flywheels provide smoother operation.

The dimensions of this model are 70.1 x 37.1 x 68.25, and it is considered to be among the larger ellipticals.

The handlebars are multi-grip and cushioned for extra comfort. They also have contact sensors built into them to monitor your pulse and show you stats on display.

The 7” touch screen has all the usual additions like training videos and iFit Coach.

Additions and accessories include a water bottle holder, two-speed fan, bottle holder, and very practical transport wheels. All of these are pretty standard features.

Warranty is where this product falls short of others. The frame warranty lasts for a lifetime, which is great, but the parts warranty is for three years, and labor warranty lasts only one year. This might mean that the quality of this machine isn’t as good as some other, more expensive models.

  • Adjustable stride
  • 7” touch screen with all the usual additions
  • It has many accessories
  • Good price
  • Warranty for parts and labor not very long
  • Flywheel lighter than other models
4. ProForm Pro 12.9 - The Most Comfortable One

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The ProForm Pro 12.9 is a high-end trainer, with little drawbacks compared to other models on this list. The only problem here is that there are newer models that can be bought for the same, or slightly greater price.

The 20" non-adjustable stride is, as we've said before, good for most people but there will be some individuals for whom this won’t be suitable.

The flywheel is top notch with the weight of 32 pounds and 26 resistance levels, and it doesn't differ from the top model in today's review list. It is a smooth runner and works well.

This is another fairly big model with the size of 79.75 x 25.75 x 66.25 inches, so it requires a decent amount of room.

The handlebars are multi-grip and provide a good workout for the upper body. There is also a pair of static bars for people who prefer this.

A 7” touch screen display has an internet browser besides the usual features like iFit Coach and workout stats.

All the usual accessories such as bottle holder, fan, and tablet holder are there, so there is no need to worry about this.

Last but not least, the frame warranty for this product lasts for a lifetime, whereas parts warranty is 5-year one and labor warranty is 2-year one. This is not the best, but still a very good deal.

  • Heavy flywheel (32 pounds)
  • 7” display with all the additions
  • It has many accessories
  • Good warranty
  • Non-adjustable stride
  • Expensive for an older model
5. ProForm Hybrid Trainer Pro – The Multi-Functional Machine

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People who are looking for a multi-purpose, affordable workout machine might get interested in ProForm Hybrid Trainer Pro. This is a cross training device, and it can be used as an elliptical or as a recumbent bike. Let's take a look at its features.

The stride length is 17" which is pretty short, and there are 20 different resistance levels to choose from. Taller people will most likely not be able to use this trainer comfortably and properly.

Flywheel weight is only 15 pounds, and this is quite light, especially in comparison to our top 5 picks. If you wish to do more serious workouts, then don't settle for anything less than 25 pounds.

It is a pretty big device, and its dimensions are 60.5 x 24.5 x 70.5 inches.

The handlebars do not have multi-grips, and this might be a drawback when it comes to user comfort and ergonomics.

As far as accessories are concerned ProForm Hybrid Trainer Pro has transport wheels and water bottle holder. It lacks some practical features such as a fan.

The monitor is pretty small LCD (3 x 4 inches), but it is equipped with iFit Coach which has a lot of workout instruction videos.

Warranty is where this model lacks. Frame warranty is lifetime, which is good, but parts and labor have only 90 days warranty. This is very short and might be an indicator of lower quality.

  • Multi-purpose (elliptical and recumbent bike)
  • Pretty affordable
  • Has iFit Coach app
  • Has a few basic accessories
  • Light flywheel (15 pounds)
  • Very short warranty
  • No fan
6. ProForm Cardio HIIT – The Hybrid With Intensity

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The ProForm Cardio HIIT is a device for people who intend to do high -intensity interval training with low impact on the joints. This is not your usual elliptical but actually a kind of hybrid of stair climber and elliptical trainer, because its motions go in an up and forward path.

It has a 10” vertical and 5” horizontal stride which is not adjustable but fixed. Some people might not like this because it limits movement options.

The flywheel weighs 30 pounds and has 26 adjustable resistance levels, which is a good weight and allows for easy operation of the machine. Users of all body weights (up to 350lbs) will benefit from this feature.

Compared to the models previously named on our list this one is not long horizontally. Therefore, it is more compact and might be a good choice for folks who don't have much free space in their homes.

The curved handlebars enable the user to hold multiple grips while working the upper body. This gives you more options when it comes to comfort and targeting different muscles. They also create some resistance when being moved, so the upper body will get a nice workout.

There is a 10” HD display attached to the trainer and besides iFit Coach and the usual options it also has an internet browser.

Speakers, water bottle holder, tablet holder and a two-speed fan are standard accessories in ProFrom products, and this model has all of them too.

The warranty is good but slightly shorter than other previous models from our list - lifetime warranty on the frame, 5-year warranty on parts, and 2 years on labor.

  • Whole body workout
  • Low-impact HIIT training
  • Heavy flywheel (30 pounds)
  • 10” HD touch screen tablet with internet browser
  • Good warranty
  • HIIT might be too strenuous for some users
  • Brand new model – hasn’t been time tested
  • Non-adjustable stride

Why ProForm?

Proform elipticals

First and foremost, the company’s long history and reputation speak for themselves, and they are considered to be one of the top brands in this field.

Second, if the idea of running or cycling in one spot bores you, get ready for a pleasant surprise. What is great about ProForm’s products from 2017 is that they have a very exciting addition – an application called iFit Coach which can give you a virtual tour of the world. Using Google Maps, the app allows you to choose a real-world route that will be displayed on a monitor attached to the elliptical. This can transform a monotonous home workout into an interesting virtual adventure as you running outside.

Besides this, the iFit Coach app can also act as your nutrition, sleep and exercise guide, and help you to keep track of your healthy lifestyle 24/7.

What to Know Before Buying and Elliptical

Proform elipticals

Before jumping into a purchase, it is good to know some essential information about the features of elliptical machines. Take a good look at the list that we have prepared for you below.

  • Stride – Stride can vary from machine to machine, and the best solution for you would be to look for an adjustable stride. This feature is vital because people of different heights will naturally need different strides, so if more than one person is going to use the machine this characteristic is a must. Most people should be fine with 20”, and those who are not can switch to their preferred setting.
  • Flywheel weight and resistance – When it comes to the performance of the machine, this might be the most important feature. Namely, the heavier the flywheel weight, the smoother the stride of the machine. Also, look for the units with adjustable resistance because it will give you more workout options. Pay attention to the electronic adjustment system and make sure that it is simple and intuitive so that switching from one resistance to another is easy.
  • Size and design – ProForm elliptical machines come in various shapes and sizes; some are compact, and others take up more space. If you don't have a lot of room in your house or apartment, consider this feature first. The size of the machine depends on the position of the flywheel, so if it is located in the rear, it is unlikely that the elliptical will be compact. However, if the flywheel is in the front or on the side, it is usually a smaller model, some are even foldable.
  • Upper body motion – Not every machine has this feature, so if you are looking for some upper body work check whether your desired machine includes this option. When trying out an elliptical with this feature, be sure that it is as comfortable and natural as the lower body motions. If you have to lean forward to complete a whole-body movement, then that model might not be suitable for you.
  • Screen - The new ProFrom elliptical are all equipped with touchscreen displays, but these differ in size, and sometimes, capabilities. The usual screen sizes available are 7" or 10". All of the machines have iFit Coach app built into them, and some even have web browser options. Displays can also vary in quality which ranges from average to full-color HD.
  • Accessories – Many ellipticals have a plethora of additions that can serve various purposes. For example, speakers that can be connected to an iPod are a common accessory. Some other more simplistic things like cup holders, reading racks, and fans can be very practical features, and even though they are considered as basics nowadays not every machine has them. Do a detailed inspection of this before buying.
  • Warranty – The buyer often overlooks this part, and this is a big mistake. Warranty serves as a sign of reliability and an indicator of the quality of the product. The longer the warranty, the more trust manufacturers have in what they are selling to you. When it comes to elliptical, there are three kinds of warranty – frame, parts, and labor. A frame warranty is usually lifetime meaning that it is hard that this part will ever get seriously damaged. When it comes to parts and labor, you should look for more than 1 year, at least in the case of elite machines like ProForm ellipticals. The good news is that the company does offer a good, long warranty in case of the latter.
Proform elipticals


So we have slowly but surely reached the end of our list, and our duty now is to declare the winner. The 1st place goes to ProFrom Pro 16.9 NE, and there are plenty of reasons to justify our decision. The electromagnetic, 32-pound flywheel is silent, smooth and offers 26 resistance levels which will offer you new challenges as your fitness level increases.

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It has handlebars which allow for your arms, so you will get a whole body workout. Also, a long warranty guarantees a good build and quality of the product. As far as the price is concerned, this model is expensive but well worth it if you have the financial ability to afford it. ProFrom Pro 16.9 NE is an elliptical trainer that will last you a lifetime.

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