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Want Rock Hard Abs and Back Muscles? Look for the Best Roman Chair on the Market

Having a six-pack is one of the most important goals for every man who decides to start working out. On the other hand, round well-shaped butt is the highest goal for every woman. Well, I am here to present you one of the crucial pieces of fitness equipment that can help you achieve both of those aims.

I am not talking about some fancy machine that does the job for you and barely makes you sweat. I am speaking of one of the fitness classics that will get you to work your muscles and make biggest changes with only your body weight in the beginning.

I am talking about the Roman chair. You all probably know what it is and you have already seen it in your gym. So, I will present you the products first and then give you some useful advice, on how to choose the right one and how to use it for the best results.

Top 5 Roman Chairs on the Market in 2017 – My Reviews

1. Stamina Pro Ab/Hyper Bench – Compact and solid

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Stamina Pro bench is one of those pieces of equipment you can always count on. It won’t fall apart after few weeks or months of usage; it will offer you a chance to do sit-ups, crunches, hyperextensions, triceps bench dips, and so on. For the right amount of money, you will get a solid, sturdy and compact machine that will help you achieve and maintain your desired figure.

If you follow the instructions, the assembly will be pretty straightforward. When you start exercising, you will notice that the amount of padding is great, not too thin but not too thick either. It will allow you plenty of forwarding extension and numerous other exercises like I mentioned. What I like the most about this bench is the fact that you can store it practically anywhere.

However, you might have some troubles getting the adjustment holes lined up, which can be annoying and pose a safety threat if you don’t handle it properly. Also, this bench has a 250lbs weight limit, which you should be aware of before making a purchase.

    • It’s easy to store.
    • It has the right amount of padding.
    • The directions are easy to read.
    • It offers plenty room for forwarding extensions.
    • It’s heavy duty and versatile.
    • It might be a little short for you.
    • It might be hard adjusting it for different exercises.
    • It has a 250lbs limit.
    • It’s a bit difficult to get the adjustment holes lined up perfectly.

2. Powerline Roman Chair/Back Hyperextension – Durable but squeaky

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If you want to avoid the 250 lbs limit of the previous model and get a 10-year warranty in addition, you should consider buying Powerline’s Roman chair. You will spend the same amount of money and get fair support for abdominal, back, glutes, and hamstring training. Wide base and heavy-gauge steel construction are here to eliminate possible rocking.

Except for the warranty, which is a great feature, and the fact that you can use this Roman chair without worrying about your weight, there are many other things that it can offer. Padding is comfortable enough, and the whole machine is well made and sturdy. You will need the right tools to assemble it correctly, but it won’t be too complicated.

On the other hand, you could have some problems with the ankle pads, because they are wobbly and a bit narrow. The hip pads are not ideal, they could be a bit thicker, bigger and have rounded instead of square edges to increase comfort. Also, the seat might squeak underneath you while you do your training.

    • It comes with a 10-year warranty.
    • There is no official weight limit.
    • Pads are comfortable enough.
    • With the right tools, it’s easy to assemble.
    • It’s sturdy, and it doesn’t move around.
    • Ankle pads are wobbly.
    • The hip pads are too small, with square edges.
    • Seat pads might creak.
    • The padding is lacking in the hip area.
3. Marcy Roman Chair – Affordable but risky

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If you are shopping on a limited budget, Marcy roman chair might be the best solution for you. It is much more affordable than other models, while it is just as versatile. Ergonomic design and robust frame should offer you stability. It targets your core, glutes and hamstring muscles.

The greatest advantage of this product is its price. However it is also light, and you can move it around the house easily. You’ll manage to assemble it in less than 20 minutes. You will notice it is stable and leg holders are adjustable, which is convenient because you’ll need some adjusting until you find the perfect position for yourself.

Still, moving the leg rollers might be problematic. You will need to unscrew a large bolt every time you decide to do it. In the end, it seems like it doesn't really fit taller individuals. Also, some of the parts are held by only one screw and made out of compressed wood instead of steel, which means they can come out or break easier than they should and cause injuries.

    • It’s affordable.
    • It’s light and easy to move around.
    • Assembling process is simple.
    • It is stable and has no weight limit.
    • Leg holders are adjustable.

    • If you want to move the leg rollers, you’ll need to unscrew a large bolt.
    • It might not fit taller individuals.
    • It’s not the safest machine ever.
    • Part of this product is made out of compressed wood.

4. Fitness Reality X-Class Abdominal/Hyper Back Extension Bench – Pricey but worth it

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If you have a little more money saved on your account, you should consider investing it in Fitness Reality X-Class bench. It has a gauge steel construction and sweat and moisture resistant paddings. You can exercise your arms, lower back, chest and abdomen on it without worrying you will slip from the machine.

This Roman chair comes with well-written instructions and two wrenches that will help you set it up in no time. It has two small wheels, which means you can move it around your house. Additionally, you can do push-ups on it. This is made for heavy-usage and big people, so the weight limit is 650 lbs.

The fact is you will spend more money than necessary for this type of equipment. Also, it might be too bulky for your home, which means you will probably have problems storing it away if you don’t own a separate room for workouts only. At last, make sure to tighten all of the notches properly, because it could become wobbly.

    • You can do push-ups on it.
    • The instructions are well-written.
    • It has two small wheels for moving around.
    • The weight limit is 650 lbs.
    • The wrenches that come with it are all you need.
    • It’s a bit pricey.
    • It might be too big and bulky to your taste.
    • It is hard to store away.
    • Parts might wobble if you don’t tighten them properly.
5. XMark 45 Degree Ab Back Hyperextension Roman Chair – Doctor’s recommendation

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If you want to do more with a Roman chair than just lower back and abs, XMark’s model might be the one for you. It comes with triceps dip handles which mean you can focus on that part of your body, instead of just regular Roman chair targets. Also, it costs the same as other models that don’t have this option.

Except for the triceps dip handles, this bench has the right amount of padding for you to feel comfortable and safe using it. Many physicians recommend it to their patients who suffered lower back injuries to strengthen that group of muscles. This is a compact, easy-to-assemble a piece of equipment.

However, you should be aware that it has a 275lbs weight limit. While assembling it, you should tighten all of the bolts to the max, which requires a lot of strength. Also, you might notice that some parts are made of cheap plastic, and they have grip stickers peeling off, which is a potential safety concern.

    • It has triceps dip handles.
    • It doesn’t take up too much space.
    • It is super easy to assemble.
    • The padding is sufficient.
    • It is recommended for anyone with lower back problems.
  • It has a 275 lbs weight limit.
  • You’ll need a lot of strength to tighten the bolts.
  • Some parts of the machine are plastic.
  • The grip stickers where your foot goes might peel off.

Why use a Roman Chair?

Best Roman Chair

If you haven’t figured out why is this piece of equipment good for you, I am here to offer you some explanations. There are several ways in which Roman chair can benefit you, and here they come:

1. Better Posture

How many people have told you by now that you have a bad posture? Maybe no one told you recently, but they sure did when you were a teenager; your parents, grandparents, P.A. professors, doctors and so on. Roman chair is the most efficient and natural way to deal with this problem.

It affects core and lower back and makes them stronger which is essential for proper posture. Back extensions and abdominal workouts are all you need, and this machine will offer you enough support to do them properly and safely.

2. Say Goodbye to the Back Pain

Lower back pain has almost the same source as bad posture does - weak abs and lower back. Many people struggle with this problem every day, and it affects their life quality. Physicians often recommend using hyperextension machines as a part of the lower back pain therapy and prevention.

Which means, owning a Roman chair, when you know that this kind of pain may appear in a few years is not a bad idea. However, if you already do have lower back problems, consult your doctor before you start exercising.

Best Roman Chair
3. Avoiding Different Back Injuries

As I said, doing back extensions as a part of your regular workout is a good form of prevention. This goes not only for lower back pain but also for all kinds of back injuries and hernia.

If you neglect lower back training and focus on developing other muscle groups and lifting bigger and bigger weights, you will make a huge mistake. This might end in back pain, injuries or improper posture at best.

4. Training for the Whole Body

Don’t get carried away with all of the lower back talk. Roman chair is good for your entire body – abs, glutes, shoulders, neck, and even arms and chest if it has some additional parts.

5. Versatility

At last, but not the least, if you decide to buy a Roman chair, it will serve you right. And not only you but all of the members of your family. These machines are usually adjustable so that anyone can use them. If you get the foldable one, it won’t take too much space in your house either.

How to Choose the Right Roman Chair?

Best Roman Chair

All of the Roman chairs look similar to you, the price difference is not significant, and you are not sure which one would be the right for you? Well, I am here to help, now that you know all of the benefits, it will be much easier to recognize the high-quality chair, but I’ll still be here to give you a little hint.

  • High-quality materials – Make sure that the chair you are purchasing is stable but not too heavy. If it slips while you are exercising, gets wobbly and seems too flimsy, consider choosing another one. All of these issues can prevent you from exercising correctly and can cause injuries. Metal constructions and slip-resistant legs are what you should be looking for.
  • Being comfortable – Padding on the chair rest and leg supports has to be sufficient or thick. If you are not comfortable, your desire to exercise will vanish, and again you might end up hurting yourself. Any kind of unwanted pressure is the indicator that something is not right.
  • Adjustability – You need to be able to adjust the height. Otherwise, there is a chance that the machine won’t fit you which will lead to improper exercise.
  • Add-ons – Any addition that comes with your Roman chair is welcome and might offer you better exercising experience. There are sometimes dips for chest and triceps, which will give you a full-body workout.
  • Easy to maintain – Any piece of fitness equipment you buy should be easy to clean, and so should be the Roman chair. If it has sweat and moisture resistant pads, that is a great feature. Removable covers on pads and rolls are also a good idea so they can be washed instead of just cleaned with a damp cloth.
Best Roman Chair

How to Use a Roman Chair?

Here are some useful videos on how to use this piece of equipment because explaining it in the text would need a whole new article instead of just a few words. So here you have a video for each area:

1. Lower back

The Best Roman Chair – My Choice

I hope you learned a lot about Roman chairs today. However, it is time to decide on the winner. In my opinion, the best piece of equipment from this batch is Stamina Pro Ab/Hyper Bench. It is simple, stable, easy to assemble and use, it seems durable, and which is most important to me, it is foldable.

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250lbs weight limit is not a problem to me, so this product is ideal for my needs. I wanted something that will fit into my cozy apartment without taking up too much space, and Stamina’s product is the perfect solution.

Whichever bench you choose - be wise, make sure to tighten it as much as you can and don’t let it just lay in the corner, use it! You will see the improvement in less than a month.

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