The Best Treadmill You Can Find Under $1000 – Shopping Guide

No matter what kind of athlete are you, cardio training will always be one of the most important ones in your routine. Running has always been the best way to train your heart. Until the appearance of the treadmills, professional athletes and recreationists used to run around their block or on the track at the stadium trying to get their heart muscle to be more durable.

But, there is a serious drawback of running on the concrete. As one of the most solid surfaces to run on, concrete has a severe impact on ankle joints. This is where the treadmills appeared to make this type of workout much better.

With the invention of the treadmills, our fitness lives gained a lot of quality. Having the comfort to finish all of our workouts without leaving the gym was a big step forward. And the problem with having to watch the weather forecast before each cardio day is eliminated.

As the time has gone by, the treadmills got numbers of improvements; nowadays you can do way more complex running exercises than before. With different kind of angles, programs, and shock absorbing mechanisms, treadmills became the most popular used machine in the gym. If you have a Running Shoes or Walking Shoes, you can start training with these treadmills.

Your Online Shopping Warm Up – My Reviews

1. Adidas T-16 Treadmill – Is It Just a Brand Name

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Adidas own treadmill is packed with a 2.75HP motor and a top speed of 11mph. It is a foldable piece, so it takes less space for storage. It came partially assembled, but it was not that hard putting it all together. It has 15 levels of incline and hand pulse sensors for heart rate training. The handles are soft and provide an excellent grip. It also has holders for water bottles.

The console has quite a few features; you can monitor all kinds of stats of your workout on its display. Adidas claimed the deck has some innovative cushioning feature, and it gives that sort of feeling. The running was smooth and enjoyable.

I liked the size of the deck, the running felt comfortable, I didn’t have to worry will I slip my foot on the side. The chest strap heart monitor it has a cool feature, I felt like some professional athlete that has to crush his previous personal record, although it’s not that accurate. It’s sturdy, heavy and it’s pretty quiet. Except that beeping in the panel, when you go between the cycles, for example, that might be an annoyance for some.

  • Big deck
  • Good shock absorbing
  • A lot of features
  • Foldable
  • Heavy and quiet
  • Inaccurate heart rate monitor
  • Loud beeping noise

2. Weslo Cadence G 5.9 Treadmill – Space Saving Fat Burner

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This treadmill supports 275lbs of weight, comes with a six workout programs, can be inclined in two different positions and it’s foldable. It has its own “comfort cell cushioning” and the experience while walking and running on it was ok. It came disassembled and putting it together was completed in less than an hour. This one might be the best option for people that are beginners or work out from time to time.

The belt could be a little bit bigger, and the deck is not that quiet after some extensive use. The panel is small and easy to use, and it has a spot reserved for an iPad or a phone. It also has two containers designed for water bottles. I had a little hard time with it since I think the bigger belt would be more suitable for my needs, but it should be ok for people that are not as tall as I am.

One of the most important tests is the feeling in the ankles after the workout, and it seems that the deck absorbs the shocks pretty good. Also, I tried to keep my thumbs on the heart rate sensors that are located on the handles but couldn’t manage to do it for a long time, since I wave my hands a lot when running.

  • Easy to use, good choice for beginners and seniors
  • Good shock absorbing
  • Foldable for space conserving
  • Easy to assemble
  • Small belt
  • Not so quiet

3. Ancheer Treadmill Touch Screen App Control F1 – Beauty of Simplicity

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What I liked about this piece is its simple design. It came in folded and did not require any manual installation. It has a button on the bottom, which when pressed enables you to unfold or fold the treadmill back in the starting position. It packs the 1.75HP motor, goes up to 6.2MPH and supports the max weight of 242lbs.

The LCD on the front is a touch-screen type; it gives you the info about time, speed, distance, and calories burned. It comes with an app for your phone and has Bluetooth connectivity. The company claims its motor is a commercial grade one, and it was pretty quiet. The belt has a nice texture to it, and it makes its slippery surface proof.

This treadmill is not so advanced like the other models out there, but just because of its simplicity it could be a good choice for recreationists or casual trainees. The shock absorption test went just fine; it stayed in its place while I was aggressively increasing the tempo. What could be a drawback for some, is the lack of a designated water bottle holder or any fancy features like ever so popular heart rate monitor.

  • Very beautiful and simple design
  • No installation required
  • Very silent
  • Good shock absorption
  • Has an App control
  • No water bottle, or phone holder
  • No heart rate sensor

4. Goplus 2.5HP Folding Treadmill – For Heavy Duty Home Usage

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As the name itself says, this treadmill has a 2.5HP motor for speed, interval, and endurance workouts. Weight support is up to 286lbs; it can be folded and adjusted for incline running cycles. The max speed that can be achieved is 11MPH, while the minimum is 1MPH. There are 12 programs for your needs of cardio, and fat burning workouts.

This treadmill came in dissembled like most of them, but it shouldn’t take you more than an hour to set it up. For the price, the build quality was a bit above my expectations, but the thing I noticed that I know it will be a problem for some of you, is the metric system on the panel.

The machine was quiet in usage, and the belt quality is not bad, although it went a little bit to the side when I was using it on the max speed. I managed to put it back in its place, but it’s an important thing to address.

I liked the fact that it has an MP3 function on board, something I cannot fully enjoy my running without. And it has a holder for a phone, which can support tablets also. I never had the need or a habit to watch something while I run, but I’m sure someone will like that feature as well. Shock absorbing test was conducted, and this one passed it.

  • Quality build
  • Pretty quiet considering the horse power
  • Adjustable inline option
  • Foldable
  • MP3 function
  • Metric system
  • Not a lot of features

5. NordicTrack T 6.5 S Treadmill – Personal Trainer in Your Room

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This one also came dissembled; if you follow the manual, you will install it with no problems, but it might take you some time to do it. By far this one had the most preconfigured programs in it, 20 of them. It’s able to incline up to 10%, and it supports MP3 devices.

The deck has different cushion levels, and this is the first thing I had to try out. The first option makes it more shock absorbing, while the other one makes it firmer and give you the feeling like you’re running on a road. Honestly, I don’t know who would even like to use that feature, but it’s there.

The display diagonal is 5”, and it has all of the useful info you will need. The heart rate sensors are included as well. The frame is very well built, the belt size was big enough for me, and the overall running experience was good.

The motor got a little bit noisy when I used it on the maximum setting, and when set up on the cushion option it gets a bit jumpy.

  • Sturdy frame
  • 20 workout programs
  • MP3 devices support
  • Belt size
  • Incline option
  • Jumpy deck
  • Motor noise when used on max

Different Types of Treadmills Available Today

1. Basic Home Treadmills

These treadmills are the right choice for people who are not hard core trainees. They have small motors and are a primary solution if you’re looking for something for light use. By being the primary type of workout solution, these treadmills are not designed for extensive use. But, for walking and jogging, they will do just fine. You can combine with a Weight Vest For Running to get good result with these treadmills.

2. Heavy Duty Home Treadmills

If you are a serious home type of trainee, these treadmills might be the better choice for you. With a slightly better motor and more heavy user-friendly, these kinds of treadmills should fit in your home gym setup. With the belts that are designed to endure a home running enthusiast, they are quite popular on the market.

3. Treadmills for a Commercial Use

Specially built for a gym use, these treadmills possess the highest power, are bigger, and are much heavier than the rest. They might not be the best home solution since they are designed for much more serious athletes and take up a lot of space in your home. Except, if you want to make a gym inside of your house.

Important Things to Take Into Consideration

1. Drive System

The most important aspect of having in mind is the drive system. The drive system consists of the motor and the belt. The motor should be powerful enough to make the workout smooth. While browsing the shops, you will see different kinds of ratings in horse power for motors. There is no standard set when it comes to motor power, and as a home user, you shouldn’t worry about that too much.

2. Belts

When it comes to belts, endurance is the most important thing. And here is where people often get confused. If the belt is bigger and thicker, that doesn’t mean its endurance is better. Thicker belts put more stress on the motor and require more power. They also tend to heat up faster and put more pressure on the treadmill bearings due to their weight. Where there is heat, there is material fatigue, and they will wear out quicker.

3. Noise

If a treadmill is making too much noise that probably means that assembly is not so good and the components are made out of poor quality. Some treadmill motors just have a steel construction around them, and others have foam and other materials to absorb the portion of the noise generated. The sound of the machine is always a good indicator of the build quality.

4. The Structure of the Frame

Paying attention to the build of the frame is important. You have to make sure it will do its job of providing you with the stability necessary to complete the workout without fear of sliding or falling aside. The materials most used to build a frame are steel and aluminum. The both options are good, but some people feel more secure having the sturdier material such as steel.

5. Treadmill Decks

What you should pay attention to is the material used in the production of the deck. There are several options: solid hard wood (ash, oak, maple...), composite and pressboard. Decks made out of composite or pressboard might tend to crack over the extensive usage. It would also be good that the deck is reversible, which will double its lifetime. If you ever get to the point where you have to change the deck, it would be smart to replace the belt as well, since they both wear out over time.

6. Ability to Absorb the Shock

As one of the main reasons the treadmills came into wide use in the first place, the shock absorption potential is one of the things you should consider. This problem is resolved differently by each manufacturer, so take what do they offer in detail.

7. Maintenance

The belt on the treadmill is the first thing to wear off usually. As the time passes, the belt could stretch and start to slip under your feet. This problem is solved by tightening the belt up. You can do this by tuning the rear roller on the treadmill. To avoid the continuous need for tightening the roller, pay attention to the size of the rollers and bearings that are used.

8. Program Options

Every manufacturer has its own set of training programs configured in the treadmill. It’s important to choose the option that is enough for your needs because usually, the ones with the most preconfigured programs are the most expensive.

9. Storage

For home trainees, the room is always necessary. Luckily treadmills come in various sizes and shapes. If you don’t have much space to spare, pay attention to the dimensions when making a choice. There is also a foldable option that was popular for a while.

10. Additional Features

This is where companies try to stand out from one another. While not the most important thing on a treadmill, some unique added features are useful to have. Some provide things as: custom workout plans, ability to choose and save different user profiles, fans to keep you cool, USB and mp3 ports and heart rate monitors.

Review Summary – The Name Attraction

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As one of the expensive options under the $1000 treadmill category, the Adidas treadmill got me thinking I will pay the most for its name. And I got it with all of the skepticism needed for a review. However, it proved to be worth it. The quality is excellent, the motor is one of the strongest out there, and the deck is big enough that it should fit just about anyone. All that and it stays silent in its work.

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