Save your back – Choose One of The Top 5 Weight Lifting Belts

Do you like spending your spare time at the gym? For years your body is under the constant stress, and you find relaxation where your mind can turn off, while your muscles take over. Do you feel powerful and in control of your life when you lift heavy weights?

If that is so, you came to the right place. However, being a gym enthusiast is not only about changing your clothes, grabbing your training bag as and heading to the sports center. You also have to be well informed about equipment, proper diet and risks that are part of practicing.

If you ask any experienced athlete who spends the majority of his time training, he will tell you that being prepared and having the right equipment, protection and accessories is the best injury prevention. The worst thing that you can do is believe that injuries happen to someone else, never to you. Trust me, investing in safety, health and protection always pay off. For that reason, you should consider buying a weight lifting belt. Other recommendations come from weight lifting gloves, lifting straps, etc.

The Best Weight Lifting Belts On The Market - My 2017 Reviews

Here are some weight lifting belts that I recommend:

​1. Fire Team Fit 6 Inch Weightlifting Belt – Tight and tricky

Fire Team’s belt can be used by both man and women. Moreover, it fits different body sizes, from extremely small to large. If you decide to go with this weight lifting belt - safety and comfort are guaranteed. For an affordable price, you will get a six-inch lightweight piece of equipment with an extensive support for powerlifting, bodybuilding, and Olympic lifting exercises.

What I liked about this belt is that it is flexible and tight at the same time. It wouldn’t pinch you like the classic leather versions, and you can pack it up quickly and bring it with you wherever you want. If you are not sure which size to choose, after you take your measures, I advise you to go with the smaller one, because this model is a little bigger than usual.

However, if you are a really big guy, you might have a problem finding a right size for you, because "large" is the greatest size Fire Team is offering. Also, I’m not so sure about guaranteed safety part, because the Velcro tends to pop loose.

  • It is flexible and tight
  • It doesn’t pinch
  • Practical for transporting
  • Wild range of different measures and colors
  • Affordable price
  • Velcro pops loose
  • It needs larger sizes
  • Size chart is not correct
  • It smells of plastic

2. ​Dark Iron Fitness Genuine Leather Pro Weight lifting Belt – Sturdy but thin

High-quality design, old school look, and strong materials are the most significant noticeable characteristics of Dark Iron’s belt. If you purchase this product, for a reasonable price, you will get a 4-inch weight lifting belt made of leather, designed with correctly spaced holes and perfect stitching which will keep you safe during the deadlifting and squats.

If you plan on buying this belt make sure to measure yourself around the belly, where your belly button is, and to follow Dark Iron's size chart. That way you won't make a mistake. The belt is sturdy, comfortable and beautifully designed. If it breaks due to any manufacturing defect, you can get a replacement. When it comes to cleaning, just use a damp cloth, and you'll be fine.

Still, you might notice that belts color is rubbing off on your skin or shirts. This can be inconvenient. Also, it has a double prong, which means you will spend a little more time setting it. Belt's thickness is only 5 millimeters so that I wouldn't lift heavy weights with it.

  • It has a great design
  • It is sturdy and comfortable
  • Precise measures (right sizes)
  • Lifetime replacements
  • Easy to clean
  • It has a double prong
  • It is only 5 millimeters thick
  • Color rubs off on you
  • It stretches.

3. ​Valeo 4-Inch Padded Leather Lifting Belt – Comfortable but suspicious

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The third product that I will present is Valeo’s 4-inch leather weight lifting which is lightweight and comfortable. This is significant because that way you will avoid additional pressure on your body during the training. If you decide to go with this belt, it will offer you better balance, endurance, flexibility, and coordination.

This belt is pretty decent because you won’t have difficulties choosing the right size like with the previous ones. Also, it is affordable, and it is wider in the back than in the front, which means it offers additional back support. However, if you make it too tight it will leave bruises on your body, so be careful.

This one also comes with double prongs, which is not something I prefer. It is a little stiffer than the others, but the quality of the leather seems poor. After the first usage, it already has suspicious cracks. You should be aware that this product was made in Pakistan, not the USA.

  • Affordable price
  • It is comfortable
  • Choosing the right size is easy
  • Fits any body shape
  • Wider in the back.
  • It has double prongs
  • May be more stiff than usual
  • The potentially poor quality of the cowhide
  • Made in Pakistan

4. ​Lifting Belt By Rip Toned - 4.5 Inch – Soft but short-lived

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If you want a belt that does a great job at supporting and aids better results, Rip Toned’s weight lifting belt should be your choice. You won't spend much money on it, and you will get 4.5 inches wide well-designed product for both genders, in one of the five different sizes. Even the biggest guys will find the one that fits them.

This belt is super comfortable because it is made of nylon and Velcro instead of leather. For the same reason, storing it and maintaining is simple. You just have to put it in the washing machine, and the job is done. It comes with the metal ring inside of it, which offers additional sturdiness.

On the other hand, it is most likely that you'll be able to use this belt for only a few months. The fact that it is secured by the Velcro causes problems because it starts to wear off after a short time. That is why you shouldn't risk using this belt while lifting really heavy weights. In the end, Velcro tape is too long, which makes it a little complicated to properly tighten.

  • Comes with a useful e-book
  • The metal ring offers the sturdiness
  • It is very comfortable
  • Easy to store it
  • Safe for washing machine
  • Secured by Velcro tape
  • Suggested for medium weight workouts
  • Made out of cheap materials
  • Difficult to tighten

5. ​Meister Contoured Neoprene Weight Lifting Belt 6" – Smelly but safe

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The final product on this list is a weight lifting belt made by Meister. If you decide to go with this one, you will get a 6-inch lightweight belt made of neoprene and secured by Velcro tape. It will offer stability to the abdominal muscles and support to your back. Also, you can choose from one of the three colors – black, red and pink.

This affordable and comfortable belt will serve you right because it is thick enough to offer strong support, good grip, and balance. Even if you had a previous injury, you could count on it to keep you safe. You will have no problem adjusting its tightness, and you can stuff it in your washing machine. It won't fall apart.

However, this one is also secured with Velcro tape, so the same problems apply. When you buy it, I recommend you to wash it few times first, because it has a terrible smell. Also, you might have a problem finding the right size for yourself because the size chart seems to be off.

  • It is affordable
  • Fully washable
  • It is thick enough to offer real support
  • It provides excellent grip and balance
  • Very easy to adjust
  • Also secured by Velcro
  • It has a bad smell
  • Sizes are incorrect
  • Securing it is hard

Why Should You Buy the Weight Lifting Belt?


If you plan on squatting or deadlifting as much as you can, weight lifting belt is an absolute necessity. On the other hand, if you have a heart condition or any other health problem that gets even worse when your blood pressure rises, skip wearing a belt. If you notice that belt is interfering with your ability to move and catch a clean properly, don’t wear it.

Still, most of the people don’t have any problems with wearing belts, and they benefit them in numerous ways. Here are the crucial advantages:

1. Stability and Safety for Your Spine

Wearing a belt while you are weightlifting increases intra-abdominal pressure, and reduces intervertebral discs compression. The increased intra-abdominal pressure pushes your spine and supports it from the inside. The core muscles in the lower back and abdominal wall do the same job from the outside.

This synchronized pressure has a significant role in providing spine stability and reducing the stress it receives during the lifting. This is how bodybuilders avoid back injuries.

2. Improved Body Biomechanics

Wearing a lifting belt will reduce the amount of spinal flexion, extension and lateral flexion of the spine. At the same time, it will increase the flexion at the knees and hips. While you are wearing a belt, you will have to more with your legs than your back, which is the right biomechanical position.

How to use a Weightlifting Belt?

Step 1: Set the Belt

You can start by placing it on your iliac crest – which is the top of your hip bone. However, if you intend to squat, you can choose one of the three belt positions: above, across or below the belly button.

On the other hand, if you are doing deadlifts, set it across or above your belly button. If you position it lower it might affect your ability to take a good starting position. The most important thing is to set it in the place you find most comfortable.

Step 2: Adjust the Tightness

The best choice is to go with the tightest possible notch that allows you to take a full breath into your stomach. If you can’t take the full breath or your shoulders need to be elevated to do so – it is too tight.

If you feel like you can choose between two notches that are both tight and allow you to breathe properly, go with the tighter one, especially when you are doing squats. Looser notches are for deadlifting because they help you take a better starting position. Again, always go with the most comfortable option.

For detailed information, you can watch this video.

Choosing the Right Weight Lifting Belt


First, you should know the difference between weight and powerlifting belts. If you plan on lifting heavy objects while doing squats or deadlifts, you need a powerlifting belt. On the other hand, if you do snatches, jerks or cleans, bodybuilding or CrossFit, weight lifting belt is what you should choose. Remember, both types of belts are usually referred to as weight lifting belts because they are very similar.

Belts width is the most noticeable difference. Powerlifting belt is 4 or more inches wide, while weight lifting belts are 4 inches wide on the back, but much more narrow in the front. Powerlifters need a greater surface area to push their abs against it when they breathe in. On the other hand, a wider belt will interfere with weightlifter's movement, which is the reason for a narrow part in the front.

If you have a history of spine problems, or you just think that your spine is fragile, you should go with the thicker belt. 13-millimeter belts will offer you sturdy support, but they will be uncomfortable. In most cases, 10 millimeter belt will be just enough.

If you want to buy a stiff, well-constructed and durable belt, make sure it is made of leather. On the other hand, if you prefer comfort, softness, and stability, the suede belt is the right choice for you.

Also, you can choose among lever, single prong, and double prong belts. Single prong belts are just as secure as double prong ones, but they are much easier to use. Double prongs take more time to set up, which can be annoying and ruin your focus. Lever belts are the simplest ones. You can set the tightness once and then forget about it for future lifts. However, if you want to readjust it, you’ll need to spend some time on it and use the right tools.

Whichever belt you choose, always try it on before buying. Measure the circumference of your waist. Put the belt around your belly button, not the hips, because you want it to do the job and not to pinch you.

My Choice

Call me old-fashioned, but I would always choose leather over any other material. That is why Dark Iron Fitness Genuine Leather Pro Weight lifting Belt is my choice. It is stiff, sturdy; it does what it should. What more could you wish for? Well, of course, few additional millimeters for thickness would be great, but this will do the job for everything except for the really heavy weights. But you can always purchase another, thicker weight lifting belt for that purpose.

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Whichever you choose, make sure it is comfortable and don’t forget to push your abdominal muscles forward while trying it out. Be safe and have a good practice!

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